5 things you should look for in every Furnished Rental – Tallahassee

1. Bedrooms

Let’s start off with the obvious one, all furnished rentals should have place for someone to lay down and snooze off into the night at. At the very minimum, there should be some type of bed such as a mattress, futon, sofa, air mattress or other form of cushioning your body from the likely cold and hard features of the ground. Each bedroom should contain sheets, two comfortable pillows of different firmness to allow options and a nice comfortable blanket or comforter. These are the necessities

2. Furnished living or common area

At WinryStays, we will provide the living room with the basics such as a couch, coffee table and TV for entertainment purposes. Everyone will need a time to come together and just watch a late night movie or binge watch Netflix after a hard day’s at work. Enjoy your stay with a nice comfortable couch to crash at and a good movie to get rid of the worries of the day.

3. Kitchen

Most hotels do not offer this which is why short term rentals are appearing more and more attractive. Eating out for every meal is not only costly but unhealthy. Buy some groceries, spend 20 minutes whipping up a great recipe and enjoy it with your friends and loved ones for less than half the price as it would be eating out. The kitchen will include pans, pots and silverware to allow ease of use and access.

4. Dining Area

A very undervalued part of the room but it is always nice to have a dining area to come enjoy the meal with friends and family at. Here at WinryStays, we provide a nice long table to seat four with four comfortable leather seats so you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner feeling as if you were at home.

5. Appliances

All rentals should have access to a set of laundry machines by now, here at WinryStays, we offer a washer and dryer for all your laundry needs. Other appliances include a full sized fridge, dish washer, oven and microwave.


Planning to come to Tallahassee for a short or long stay? Come and stay at WinryStays, Tallahassee’s new one stop shop for furnished short term rentals. Whether you are a travel nurse, traveling consultant, influencer, contract workers, we have served all types of residents and would love to serve you with a fully furnished home.

Stay with us: https://winrystays.com/

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